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Ch Crowley heart + Takahashi elements couple Bracelet

Ch Crowley heart + Takahashi elements couple Bracelet

Material:     material: metal silver, 925 silver color classification:   male models, female models, brand:   YaYa:   gender jewelry, couple, pattern:   Cross / crown / Rome:   digital style, punk, whether spot: Spot & nbsp; mosaic material:     color: unmounted, new, price range:   301-400:   yuan, new fresh

by chrome hearts sale - 2016-12-26

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  • The perfect moment of 1991 CH complex x Crowley heart classic leather rope Cross Pendant 925 sterling silver head

    The perfect moment of 1991 CH complex x Crowley heart classic leather rope Cross Pendant 925 sterling silver head

    Material:     material: metal silver, 925 silver brand:   1000SE:   new color, color classification:   * * * number of hair generation reason please spot / private letter, issued the day, starting with the new price, the price range:   more than 3000 yuan;

     , engaged in handmade custom leather shop, &, manual; materials, hand tools, hand silver, want to learn more click into the home page. Crowley, engraved heart style 925 Sterling Silver Pendant [the set] the sale price is 558 yuan,:925 silver, material, size, and ZP error is less than 0.1mm, weight,:31g [represent the silver element model, weight, excluding leather cord, weight under floating rates, ps:, 1g]. Guangdong Province, 8 yuan, selected surface    , is sent, tact, Shen Tong,    , Guangdong Province, choose 10 yuan  , express  ,. ,, SF express, friends, EMS,  , 22 yuan; [] use only the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, will send    , SF EXPRESS, postage to pay,. [receipt of confirmation refund online freight price],:****, Lin king, said: hope, engraved old classmate support the king! Thank you If customers need to see, in front of the computer, if I can beat one or two to see you immediately, but please don't waste my colleagues around, shutter, silver pictures [afraid in white case, when silver, because the reason why people mistakenly believe that the reflector lamp is black, white is on the following photos, white light lighting], ↓, here is the pendant, shot picture: [pirates don't give me who see my picture on your website!!! Never use the statement], not stealing other map, maps, photos of their products, WYSIWYG, ↓ December 16, 2014 night shooting: [because of their mentality of the artist to take photos and patiently arrange new edition, the first chapter:], mold, domestic steel mould shrink with the smallest engraved. Sincerity to make. Knowledgeable people can feel the engraved products is very high, the second chapter, below, two parts are selected for the steel mould, and old details invincible, this is a template is the 1991 version of the lettering was shallow, but I tell you, this is the original. Don't go to the counter to see, but I do try to do the polishing of old and new, original look almost the same, the third chapter, engraved & comparison of the original, the original old, but you will insist on wearing engraved 1-3 week show is the original texture, a small shop in the circle of friends * with all the buyers have discussed this issue. Time to leave traces you have to control. The following leather cord selection of imported leather, 95% with the foot of the texture to complete. Bao Shunfeng, /////////////////, 2 express Oh, //////////////////, who buy silver shop friends. Free jewelry maintenance products, wipe a piece of silver cloth.

  • Crowley heart hat female summer baseball cap male summer flat along the sun peaked cap of purchasing genuine Korean hip-hop tide

    Crowley heart hat female summer baseball cap male summer flat along the sun peaked cap of purchasing genuine Korean hip-hop tide

    For the scene:     object: travel, young couples, youth, style:   baseball cap, size:   adjustable crown style:     dome style: wide brim eaves and eaves shape:   Ping Yan, main material:   cotton, the crowd:     general, style: street style details:     color: hip hop, Bouvardia, three swords, rose, black, black and white, sword, grimace, horseshoe flowers, black green, double cross flowers for the season:   spring, summer, autumn and winter. Age:   15-19 years, 20-24 years, 25-29 years, 30-34 years, 35-39 years of age

    Double cross, cross, rose, black, sword, black and white, horseshoe, black green, grimace, three sword

  • I remember Shanlan titanium accessories Crowley Heart Cross Necklace Sydney with a long paragraph sweater chain and tide

    I remember Shanlan titanium accessories Crowley Heart Cross Necklace Sydney with a long paragraph sweater chain and tide

    链子材质: 钛钢,链子样式: 蛇骨链,坠子材质: 钛钢,品牌: 山岚记,延长链: 无,颜色分类: 中号吊坠配4mm十字链70cm,中号吊坠配3mm十字链70cm,单独购买中号吊坠,大号吊坠配4mm十字链70cm,大号吊坠配3mm十字链70cm,50、60短链请备注,此项勿拍,可加长,需加材料费,详询客服,单独购买大号吊坠,【克罗心原版皮质礼盒】35元,中吊坠配珠链70cm★雪梨同款,大吊坠配珠链70cm,图案: 十字架/皇冠/罗马数字,风格: 欧美,镶嵌材质: 未镶嵌,是否带坠: 是,是否多层: 否,适用性别: 男,是否现货: 现货,周长: 51cm(含)-80cm(含),成色: 全新,新奇 Special:   fresh baked, price range:   101-200 yuan

    B, product details, you want to know and need to know [the] product information, and uses the German import medical Pendant Necklace titanium casting, imitation silver black old technique, do not fade, anti allergy, oxidation; in the pendant size, length of 5.5cm, 3.7*2.4cm,   -, moderate size, large size, pendants; 6.5*4.1cm, length 9.5cm, size is too large, 3mm and 4mm two kind of necklace thickness, length 50, 60, optional 70cm, contact customer service or direct advice note,. ,  , model wear display, please read every picture as far as possible, the product details, select high-quality raw materials

  • Japan and South Korea men and women adorn article the ultimate class Quan Zhilong

    Japan and South Korea men and women adorn article the ultimate class Quan Zhilong
    the right to the heart of the heart of the heart of the heart of the cross lovers ring on the side of the ring of the heart of the world"
    A final, random send small gifts


  • S925 Crowley Sterling Silver Heart Ring Silver Vintage Old punk ring around the iris cross personality

    S925 Crowley Sterling Silver Heart Ring Silver Vintage Old punk ring around the iris cross personality
    Chrome Hearts is one of the world's most famous brand of silverware at present, the design style of hip-hop, punk rock fusion, low-key luxury wind, uphold its pure Handmade, therefore it as the value of art has far more than the meaning of jewelry. This product is 100% pure silver, authentic version, Seiko engraved, offbeat you feel the charm of art! [simple packaging, gift silver cloth
    Material:     material: metal silver, 925 silver color classification:   [male] [female] paragraph, paragraph, style:   Europe, gender:     cross couple pattern: / / Rome crown number, whether spot:   stock price interval:   51-100,   material: no inlaid mosaic, color:     new: new, fresh baked item:  , R16111102;