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Ch silver S925 Crowley Xinsheng sword old technique series Quan Zhilong with special offer drowner watchband shipping

Ch silver S925 Crowley Xinsheng sword old technique series Quan Zhilong with special offer drowner watchband shipping
Our products are 925 silver support detection within 7 days no reason to return.
Material:     material: metal silver, 925 silver color classification:   14 cm, 16 cm, other/ brand:   other, gender:     cross couple pattern: Coronet digital Rome style:   retro / palace, whether spot:   spot; mosaic, material:     color: unmounted, new, price range:   1001-3000:   yuan, new fresh

This product is 925 pure silver shop! Support detection! Please first understand the size of their parents and then photographed the purchase! In order to avoid unnecessary trouble! I wish: Pro shopping please ~ ~!,   Chrome  Hearts, is currently the world's most famous brand of silverware, one of the founders of Richard  Stark was originally made movie props and leather accessories in Hollywood. Global store USA. France, Hongkong, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Paris, Singapore, Beijing store, in May 15, 2014 was also in intime shopping center on the first floor of the official opening, for a Chrome  of Asia's largest Hearts stores. Stark, founder of Richard  originally in the Hollywood movie props and leather, jewelry, in a chance for rock star Michelle (Cher) design exclusive leather, then not only started its reputation, also caused countless celebrities influx of orders. Richard , Stark and Laurie  Lynn  Stark; Chrome  couple formally established in 1989; the Hearts brand, sold early in the L.A. shop, cabinet, set up shop in New York in 1995, Chrome  Hearts,     silver after manual workers, first-class workmanship, texture, style, making the old rough, deliberately keep 925 silver oxidation after oxidation in black, after polishing, in the shiny silver surface, add a soft gray and black shadow, layering is very obvious. Silver ornaments, the type of people, there is always an intoxicating charm. From the United States has been popular, silver Sheng, in 90s by the Harley  at the beginning of the last century; Davidson, DITA and Justin  to the Hongkong shop; Davis  Jewels, etc., have become the person with a boon. Don't think this kind of heavy metals are difficult to get in good taste, silver, from the United States Chrome  Hearts had in 1992, topped the CFDA Accessories Designer Awards, to play more, stylish full, more fashionable touch. Chrome  Hearts  Eyewear  and Collection  are different from ordinary glasses in about 6~7 months. The time of development, the design of.  Chrome  Hearts  Eyewear  Collection spent a total of 19 months to the highest standards of research and development, to make every one of the glasses, and use of materials including Chrome  Hearts; silver standard the.

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