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Korean fashion personality Crowley heart chain velvet cap curved eaves baseball cap female all-match winter leisure cap

Korean fashion personality Crowley heart chain velvet cap curved eaves baseball cap female all-match winter leisure cap

Application:     youth, style: baseball cap, size:   adjustable brim style:   short eaves, main material:     the other, the crowd: female, style:     street, color: gray, black, for the season:   autumn that winter, age:   20-24 years, 25-29 years, 30-34 years of age

by chrome hearts sale - 2017-03-02

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  • United States genuine purchasing -chrome Hearts- g heart wave ring

    United States genuine purchasing -chrome Hearts- g heart wave ring

    Material:     material: metal silver, 99 fine silver, silver color classification:   the size of specific comments, the domestic spot 5 yards a brand:   CHROME, HEARTS, price range:   1001-3000:   new Rolex yuan.

     , ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, pay by credit card please take 1% of the credit card charges Oh, (1% of total), Id=19082955310, SHOW,   buyers show

  • The United States Chrome Hearts purchasing genuine Crowley heart cross classic Sterling Silver Earrings

    The United States Chrome Hearts purchasing genuine Crowley heart cross classic Sterling Silver Earrings

    Brand:   CHROME, HEARTS, color:   single - to pay SF, silver jewelry, metal material:   material:     color: 925 silver, new, price range:   yuan; 1001-3000

     , this shop sell only genuine, Athena, America _ Crowley Athena heart purchasing, we always strive to do better, as in the past, thank you for support and encouragement,. We like friends, {seriously every guest}, - - - - the owner, if you have any questions, or any product purchasing, please contact, Thank, you^.^

  • Old driver purchasing Chrome Hearts g ROM heart glasses See In You Tea 53mm

    Old driver purchasing Chrome Hearts g ROM heart glasses See In You Tea 53mm

    Frame material:   plate with metal, color:   black, black silver, gold cap, frame style:   full frame;

    Old driver purchasing, shopping tips! Welcome to the old driver purchasing (shop No. 4798974), dear customers, please carefully read the following tips, photographed our goods and payment, we will automatically default you have recognized the rules of the shop! I old driver, purchasing, store and shop team living in Japan, all the goods, we are in Japan pick buy counter genuine, direct mail to EMS, where there is a special need to provide a small ticket, please inform in advance, all goods can rest assured to buy! Welcome to wholesale, agent partner! Baby, II inventory, procurement cycle for 1-3 days, baby physical inventory is subject to the Japanese counter, part of the popular commodity will have the actual inventory, please contact want to confirm the actual inventory, orders will be mailed to buy as soon as possible, transfer goods or no listing of new products please wait, did not buy a stock or commodity can apply for replenishment the refund, the selection of other styles. Third, the size of all goods size table, provided by the corresponding brand website, do you want to buy, you can counter measured specific data, also can try on body size, to advise you to try on sales, feeling, experience, and the years of sales experience, provide the most reasonable advice, more or less there will be error, you can be used as a reference to order. This shop, IV color pictures of the goods for the vast majority of counters making plans, not offering new products or goods for the website map, making plans. The official website, magazines, posters, pictures themselves may have been treated. Counter: shoot pictures since the shooting light (intensity, color) such as mobile phone, browse, forwarding computer and display devices such as mobile phone, more or less there will be color, very high requirements for color pro please take! This shop only guarantee 100% genuine! V, the origin, the world of goods are, from Japan, Italy, Chinese, including France and the United States, the origin of problem we cannot guarantee, guarantee the shop sold for goods for Japanese counter genuine. VI, tag, Japanese tide brand goods, when counter purchase, are based on the basic requirements of the shop cut tag, we can not keep looking, pro understanding! VII, fees, online credit card payment, it takes the customer to confirm receipt, because when you, Alipay will be deducted from the transaction amount to 1% of the fee, please contact customer service after the baby photographed, change the price, then linked to the case, we will regularly contact the buyer filled 1% fee. Goods more expensive, high fees, please cooperate with understanding, thank you! VIII, postage, each baby price includes postage, we provide EMS direct mail, freight we will estimated according to the weight, give you the shipping price, convenient for you to make your shopping convenience, purchasing more comfortable, fast, IX delivery, your payment, we will purchase the goods as soon as possible, the situation, 1-2 a day; adjustable goods, the delivery date will give you a rough, after the arrival of shipment as soon as possible. Unified EMS direct mail, normal delivery time for customs clearance, north of Guangzhou, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Suzhou, Hangzhou province and the corresponding 3-4 working day arrival. We will provide the number to your check, the special requirements of the buyer on time, please contact clearly before payment, the logistics information is subject to a single number, please check, don't call. Relative to other provinces will be postponed to three days, the Dalian customs, Hebei Inner Mongolia Xinjiang Gansu Shanxi Shaanxi Ningxia Yunnan Guangxi Sichuan by the Beijing customs, Hunan Hubei Guizhou Qinghai Tibet by Guangdong customs. X, tariffs, goods tariffs may appear overseas mailing process, we try to avoid being, if there is, please recipient valid certificates to the post office to complete the formalities, this shop is not responsible for any fees and tariffs have responsibility. X, I fade shrink, cotton clothes, washing due to improper way, may shrink, mixed color, discoloration and other phenomena, the causes, the store does not assume any responsibility, please forgive! XII, returned, this shop all commodities are Japanese counter genuine, EMS direct mail, all merchandise rebate does not change! Before payment, please communicate with customer service! Procurement will check the quality of the goods, the goods will be confirmed before shipment color size, no quality problems will be shipped. Without the wrong goods, the store does not offer any return service! Don't accept love, not love, lint, size, color, no pictures, good workmanship is not good and so on unreasonable returned requirements! We are only responsible for the purchase of genuine oh! Thank you again for visiting the old driver! Hope to be able to become a long-term partner with each customer, and strive to provide the best service to the pro. We are bound to encounter some small problems, it does not matter, any problem can be friendly communication between the two sides to solve, we will strive to solve the problem for you. I wish you a happy shopping!

  • Cross Crowley Heart Necklace retro shorts Street sweater chain pendant pendant pendant dress tide products for men and women

    Cross Crowley Heart Necklace retro shorts Street sweater chain pendant pendant pendant dress tide products for men and women

    Chain material:   alloy / silver / gold plated, chain style:     other, pendant material: alloy, chain extension:   no, color classification:   long 70CM, short 42CM, pattern:   / / cross crown digital Rome style:   Japan and South Korea, mosaic material:   not mosaic, whether with a fall:    , if not, multilayer: Gender:   couples, whether spot:     51cm: spot, perimeter (including) -80cm (inclusive), color:     new: new, fresh, price range  : 25-29.99 yuan;

  • Retro glasses frame Crowley heart round female big box Harajuku myopia eyes optical Mens round glasses

    Retro glasses frame Crowley heart round female big box Harajuku myopia eyes optical Mens round glasses
    Pay attention to myself! The glasses we can be processed with glasses, price 68-208 yuan shipping (including the spectacle frame + send high-grade glasses boxes, glasses cloth, glasses bag, super cost-effective Oh!) Post and provide pro frame colors and optometry data to give the seller the message at. No astigmatism provide eye diopter, pupillary distance can be. All orders will be shipped in 48 hours or so. Note: 1.67 myopia for imported lenses
    Frame material:   plate frames, frame style:   full frame, frame color:   bronze box tea leg (send glasses bag cloth), bronze silver tea box frame legs, white legs (send cloth, glasses bag) silver rimmed white legs, gold frame legs (mirror mirror leopard send bag cloth), leopard grain gold frame legs, black legs (silver rimmed glasses bag, glasses cloth feeding) silver framed black legs, black box black legs, gold frame legs (tea bag cloth, mirror mirror send) 1.56 + box myopia + box + + cloth bag, gender neutral  

    Female star sunglasses, grey ant Sunglasses tide, 20..., loss clearance personality star glasses big box Ms. polarized too..., Mou Jia fashion new female personality Sunglasses retro metal..., Korean star color Leopard Black super sunglasses, big European and American men and women... Super quality fashion sunglasses piece of colorful cat ears..., 2014 NEW energy-saving with a small demon cat..., big black super Sunglasses retro new boy, 2014..., trend of Korean street big box face men Street sunglasses,..., men and women trendsetter half frame gradient square sunglasses, Korean..., black box character one lens increase over the face the sun glasses, the new round... Chloe Chloe sunglasses, ha..., 2015 New Star Fan Ye round the mirror too...,   shipping, Korean summer autumn winter tide and peaked cap flat along the hip-hop hip-hop Cap Hat Cap NY baseball cap, bag mail! 2014 new polarized sunglasses glasses female genuine fashion sunglasses MS UV star eye color purple membrane reflective Sunglasses 2014 male female gemajing trendsetter Polarized Sunglasses retro glasses round sunglasses tide star 2014 retro color film reflective sunglasses, trendsetter sunglasses, a price of $14,, yuan, 11.60,19.80, fashion the big black box frame tide retro leopard spectacles frame glasses frame and plate, with myopia, Y79 Korea 2012vintage retro Arale round metal frame, flat shape glasses frame, 2013 Korean Winter Winter Hat Beret Hat Beret painter bud hat pure wool line Hat Lady butterfly rimless Sunglasses trimming female genuine, ladies fashion super light designer sunglasses sunglasses, female models, 6.80,49.50,12.00144.00,1, we mainly engaged in glasses frame, spectacle frame, spectacles, sunglasses. Such glasses mainly in shape, decoration based, village material, workmanship, will be slightly lower than the level of quality glasses. On the material, workmanship requirements too harsh friends please seriously consider, and then decide whether to buy. 2, because of different production batches, color glasses and display the details and pictures may be slightly different, different manufacturers of the product quality is not the same, please do not send to the price comparison shop is already low profit sales, please do not hard bargaining. 3, please do not, do not like, and the difference between the imagination and become a reason for return or poor evaluation. 4, all goods in this store may be temporarily out of stock, please understand.    ,, 1, our cooperation express: STO, (alternative rhyme, to take note)   other express delivery, please contact the shopkeeper! Jiangsu generally arrive the next day, the rest of the general three to five days of arrival! 2, first, to sign the inspection (don't call the courier receipt please leave) recipients in the courier company or the post office staff to receive the parcel, parcel check goods must be present, the surface is obviously due to fall, hit squeeze pressure caused by the injury, if you have any questions please contact us immediately and then let the courier, take back, (your signature will not be executed) or leave in the courier, then put forward commodity objection, not responsible. If you sign on behalf of the parcel staff (such as hello family, colleagues, classmates, guard) sign, as you have receipt, 3, not the courier company our open, may appear in the process of transportation time phenomenon, this is beyond the control of the shop please don't express too slow to reason for the negative feedback, thank you for your understanding and support.