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Special offer Crowley heart fuck letter patch all-match embroidery stitching truck hip-hop net baseball hat for men and women

Special offer Crowley heart fuck letter patch all-match embroidery stitching truck hip-hop net baseball hat for men and women

For the scene:     network shopping style: Cap Size:   adjustable crown style:     style: dome, brim eaves, shape:   Ping Yan, main material:     cotton, the crowd: general, brand:   choose the letter style:   street style details:     hip hop, color: black and white FUCK CH, black and white, pink FUCK, blue CH, item:     hat for the season: Summer

Our flagship baby!!!! Necessary, trendsetter! Fashion tide! Promotion.... We sell a variety of fashion models. , [, flat along the whole letter] baseball cap series, "a" type || flat hat || baseball cap || cap hat brim ||, belonging to a flat edge. "Inch", ruler, sealed, fixed multiple size, can not be adjusted according to the individual head oh please select their own size! "," quality, polyester & cotton fabric,,. Cap type stiff, not easy to deformation, with high quality. , "" hard mounted package, carton packaging, transportation to prevent crushing! Packaging is found more serious damage in the receipt, and can be refused to contact us!! And can not adjust the section size: 7=55.8cm; 7,1/8=56.8cm; 7-1/4=57.7cm; 7-3/8=58.7cm; 7-1/2=59.6cm; 7-5/8=60.6cm, adjustable section size: 55-60CM  other code, please leave a message and style more, please visit the shop home page or another baby, thank you! The tide, cap Crowley heart fuck cloth embroidery all-match Trucker Hat hip-hop Cap Baseball cap, male, female,                                ,  , description, detailed description; the hat, maintenance,      , pay attention to the maintenance and custody of the hat. Hat off, not misplacing should hang on coatrack, or above the hook, not weight, in order to avoid aliasing distortion,. Hat hat for a long time, inside and outside will be stained with grease, dirt, should be promptly wash off. Cap lining can be removed, washed, and then stretched on, lest the cap lining the sweat on the dirty damp moldy, affect the life of a hat. The ash on the hat should be brushed regularly. The adhesion in the cap on the surface of the sludge, grease, available soft brush dipped in hot soapy water scrub gently, then rinse. In the wash hat, can find a hat and the same size, round cans or porcelain bowl, put his hat on the top and then washed, in order to avoid aliasing. Hat collection: to brush away the dirt, wash away the dirt in the sun, in the sun for a while, and then wrap and put in a room, stored in a dry and ventilated place, at the same time the desiccant in the storage box inside, to prevent damp. Hat and cleaning is very special, there is not water (such as feathers, sequins, or paper type hat), if the cap made of cotton, you can wash, cardboard pad, this hat is only wipe can not wash, wash, and went back to bad luck. Because he is a three-dimensional shape, so the most taboo to use washing machine. Right, washing, washing the general hat as:, 1, cap as decorations should be removed,. 2, cleaning, hat with water before adding a neutral detergent soak, 3, with a soft brush gently scrub, the inner part of "4 band and the head part of the" multi ring contact brush several times to wash the sweat, dirt and bacteria, of course, if you select is antibacterial material this step is not it?. , 5, will be folded into the cap of the four flap, gently get rid of moisture, can not be used for washing machine dehydration. 6, a hat, hat spread, stuffed the old towel, flat shade, avoid hanging to dry. Right, special hat for washing: 1, cap, available onion slices can also wipe cloth dipped in gasoline Shun Mao wipe, can achieve a good washing effect. 2, fine, hat on stains can be added with the same amount of alcohol ammonia scrubbing mixture. The first with a cloth dipped into the mixture, and then scrub. Don't put the hat too wet, otherwise easily out of shape. 3, knitwear, after washing the best cap into the hat with the crumpled paper and cloth crumpled, then dry. 4, wool hat, do not wash, because wool hat will shrink. If there is any dust or pet hair cut, with wide tape, reflexed on your finger up dip stick, can remove the dust on the surface of wool hat. Not every cleaning, but easy to shorten the life span, if reach to cleaning no degree of dry cleaning is the most appropriate way. 1, before buying, please see the shopping instructions, including baby color, material, size and other information. Once photographed, it means acceptance. If you have any questions, please contact the owner to confirm that the product has been understood, there is no objection to the payment is more appropriate, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. 2, because the shooting by a number of factors, the display resolution and brightness of the different, there will be a certain color. 3, all the baby after receipt, please check the seal is opened, confirming that the goods after the receipt. Taobao has the relevant provisions, after receipt of the seller responsibility to complete. If the transport problems, please promptly refused, then contact with the owner. We are responsible for negotiating with the courier company claims. 4, if there is a quality problem after receipt of the baby, or delivery is wrong, please contact customer service immediately after receipt of goods, do not do any impact on sales again. It is a quality problem or delivery error, you can consult the return or refund. But encountered any problems please contact us in the first time, please do not give comments and comments, or as a waiver of oh. We just want to do a good job for the pro service, please do not malicious,. What problems can consult customer service. Thank you We pay attention to the following: our efforts to do the first time delivery. But sometimes send pieces suck, we also control outside the scope of things. But if there is a slow speed, please contact customer service for the first time. We'll send a courier company. We strive to do a good job of service, please give us five stars! This shop is a great support!! ,  , transport instructions, contact us, if you can not contact customer service, emergency contact buckle: 2270890732

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