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T08 925 Sterling Silver Hand Thailand imports of American scout Flower Heart Pendant Necklace carved Menzerna 77G Ronaldo

T08 925 Sterling Silver Hand Thailand imports of American scout Flower Heart Pendant Necklace carved Menzerna 77G Ronaldo
Thailand imported unique fashion silver
Chain material:     material: metal silver, 925 silver color classification:   order contact spot, whether spot:     color: spot, new, price range:   yuan; 1001-3000

  MM, long, wide, high, thickness, weight, G, ring size (HK), 510,8.5,8, a reminder, foot one inch =33.3 cm Kazakhstan, =2.54 cm, ring size for Hong Kong code, part of handmade products will inevitably be worn in mind take, do not accept returns. , in particular, tips, part of the manual accessories have varying degrees of wear, mind who take carefully! Part of the jewelry can be ordered, please contact the order to confirm that the goods have been photographed, in general, will arrive in 10-20 days. Baby, details, handmade in Thailand, atmospheric rough mad, 925 sterling silver, handmade silver, imported from Thailand, the boy scouts of America carved flower pendant, pendant chain, size 27x22x7, asked whether the goods are goods? Answer: the store, wholesale and sales of goods go shop at the same time, the relatively large volume, the general shelves of products are available, but does not rule out individual goods, you can consult the customer service or directly photographed, if not available, the customer will promptly contact you, ask: why so cheap clothes, is authentic? Answer:, rest assured that our goods are the United States, Japan and South Korea into the developed countries without a cargo, to ensure genuine, but also store a lot of baby home is not found, foreign countries rarely, parents can rest assured to buy! We are in line with the principle of mutual benefit, commodity prices are very reasonable, not inflated pricing and then greatly reduced!!! Q: is it all over the country? Answer: in remote areas, to make up the difference Oh, express default communication, such as remote areas or other express requirements please take the initiative to contact customer service added no additional postage postage price, the seller does not have the right delivery oh! Q: can you offer more? Do you have a complimentary gift? Answer:, our products are very rare, the price is very reasonable, because the store and shop sales at the same time, our customer service and staff are busy, no time to bargain ha, in strict accordance with the membership system, thank you. This shop specializes in all kinds of vintage, retail and wholesale business, store a lot of baby are imported from the United States, in the domestic and foreign are unique! Not only benefits, but also reflects the ancient and personality, more Collectible value! That part is used in Vintage Baby, but were sterilized in order to get the hand entry, the store will once again carry out disinfection and maintenance, please rest assured to buy.!! , our products are real pricing, not accept the bargain, strictly abide by the membership system! That is, over 500 after shipping, in addition to a special commodity can be shipping, in addition to a special commodity 5% off preferential shipping, three batch, 15% off preferential shipping, in addition to a special commodity, 1, commodity color: all goods are taken in kind, in the shooting is completed, in order to try to make the color deviation we use various methods of color correction, and mapping professional display we can ensure the maximum extent close to the true color. But we can not guarantee that each buyer does not have a different display color. 2, the size of the problem, goods are measured by hand with size, there may be some errors, especially leather is elastic, usually measured a suitable range, a little or a marathon tension difference is very big, the measurement error is about 2CM, the customer views for your reference only, the final decision right in your own vintage, and handmade custom products can not be returned. 3, clean, odor: Vintage products mostly used, but before the import customs will be unified after disinfection to allow entry to the store, we will again and the maintenance of ultraviolet disinfection,. 4, clothes store products are defective: shoot, there are big flaws in the store will be marked and take pictures, please carefully check the clothes. The store is also the person may also have their own small flaws are not found, also can only ask you to forgive! 5, modify the distribution information, to provide the most preferential delivery service to the buyer, the shop for the buyer to provide modified distribution information services, such as modifying the delivery address, modify the delivery time, expedited delivery, but not to ensure that each modification can be successful, because the restaurant does not bear the losses caused by the failure to modify the distribution information (postage loss, loss, loss of the spirit). 6, product quality issues: Vintage and handmade products because of its special nature does not support the return, please be sure to carefully take. Because most of the second-hand vintage, unable to identify defects or damage of goods, handmade products because it is custom and manual quality cannot be defined, so it can not support the return, please understand! 7, express, note: this store default through courier, shipping / default in the daily express, in remote areas or other requirements to express the corresponding subsidy postage.

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